• High-rise building solutions

CENethigh-speed elevator There’s versatility, full-featured tower building, therefore CENet traction type high-speed elevator, with its outstanding performance of high efficiency, high comfort, high security, perfect fit for the traffic of the high-rise building load demand. , large capacity of the permanent magnet synchronous motor – effective carrier, the high performance microprocessor – effective control, a new damping technology — – take a smooth and comfortable new roller guide safety gear and boots — – safety care for noise suppression system, reduce the interference to the environment

  • Low-rise buildings in the solution

CENetOrdinary passenger lift Compact structure and small room machineroomless optional contracted structure arrangement, save space, reduce the cost, and easy to install, is the guesthouse, hotel, student apartments and school building travel equipment required. l CENet residential passenger lift “security”, “comfort”, “energy saving” is a passenger lift lead CENet residence, derived from Germany selected excellent durable parts and consummate technology and aesthetic rigid-flexible economic space, residential present elegant life style for you.