Nowadays, high-rise buildings everywhere, more and more people live in a castle in the air. High-rise residents, however, seizures, but because the elevator cannot accommodate ambulance stretcher, influence the patient first aid, has increasingly become the hidden trouble of delay an illness, and even life-threatening. For this purpose, the CPPCC members run-sheng liu proposed mandatory on high-rise buildings equipped with medical advice of the lift. Run-sheng liu said, “residential design code” in the provisions of the state “10 second floor and above of high-rise buildings, each building set up the elevator not less than two, the appropriate configuration a can accommodate stretcher elevator”. From this text understanding, the national standard on the installation of the elevator, configuration, number of made specific provision, as well as the use of the elevator made clear direction. But, at present the common guest in the elevator car size is small, not enough emergency requires the length of the stretcher, some can lay down and can’t bumpy emergency patients were blocked in the situation of the tall building stairs. Some family members of the tower is straight sigh and had to step a little and carefully move the patient from the top down, some because of delay time, influence the treatment effect. What’s more, some building dish the elevator shaft XuanJian in the narrow corridor, elevator exports and the distance between the corridor is shorter, the reserved space can’t make a stretcher smoothly in and out of the elevator. “We urge medical elevator high-rise building configuration, to ensure that patients can get timely and effective emergency treatment.” Run-sheng liu suggest, the government should formulate local regulations as soon as possible, make clear a regulation: 10 second floor and above of high-rise buildings, each building set up the elevator not less than two units, which must be configured a can accommodate stretcher of the elevator. At the same time, he suggested to screen under construction or already built high-rise building, urged conditional modification of medical elevator, should as far as possible. When elevator exports space design to meet emergency needs, set aside enough space, the use of first aid facilities such as convenient, operation stretcher bed, avoid emergency deaths caused by the building design flaws.