Introduction of CENet

German classic, created in China
West Wright from Germany, began in the middle of the 20th century, has become the world elevator industry whole ladder and one of the main supplier of elevator components, products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in the world and enjoy good reputation.
Factory is located in chongqing, China double 16 f new venture avenue, has a unique geographical advantages, water, road and air logistics is quite convenient. Chongqing double f new area is the western new city core area, has been included in the scope of chongqing "half an hour economic circle", the planning and construction to become in the west of chongqing industrial, commercial, trade, real estate development and the ecological tourism development for the integration of modern new city.
As the headquarters of the foreign capital enterprise only in the Midwest factory, west Wright in technology, quality, service, equipment, etc are keep pace with the world of style, to create a highly responsible to the elevator industry in the Midwest. The plant covers an area of 300 mu, with product research and development center, technical center, training center, standard factory production workshop, height 161 meters, the highest speed can reach 10.0 m/s elevator testing tower - used in ultra-high speed, large capacity for the development of high-end elevator products and technologies. In manufacturing scale of 40000 units, products cover: "passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, cargo elevator, explosion-proof special elevator, hydraulic elevator, car elevator, medical bed elevator, villa elevator, escalators, automatic sidewalks, parking equipment", the annual output of about 10 billion yuan RMB.
"Create value for customers" is the cornerstone of west Wright elevator enterprise culture, with the industry leading technical level, the spirit of continuous innovation, strict quality control, professional services around the world to provide a full range of the elevator.
Whether you are in the horizontal or vertical space mobile, west Wright elevator will be rapid, safe and comfortable to take you to the destination.

Height 161 meters, the highest speed can reach 10.0 m/s elevator testing tower -- for ultra-high speed, large capacity, high elevator products and technologies development.

10.0 m/s elevator testing tower

A wholly owned foreign enterprise invested by German west Wright Wright - west elevator (chongqing) co., LTD was established on December 9, 2010, a total investment of $60 million, the registered capital of us $35 million.

With a total investment of 60 million dollars