Talent Concept

West Wright elevator is not only in building a Midwest’s biggest and most specifications of elevator factory, more commitment to all staff and partners to create a broad space for professional and career development platform. We “self-confidence, honesty, keep promise” as the foundation, adhering to the “dedication, rigorous, careful, high efficiency” of philosophy, has always been to “create value for customers” as the end goal, achievement brand, quality, famous brand west Wright.

We no longer continue to use the traditional pattern of elevator industry and talent, we are committed to cultivating talents, and delivery of new elevator industry by using new technology and low cost management model, to challenge high efficiency management peak, customer service brand.

For a modern business enterprise, the 21st century, our purpose is service to changing customer demand. Our success depends on all the members of our team uninterrupted progress and hard work. Obviously, in which we live and serve the enterprise is an era of rapidly changing and unpredictable. Therefore, in our company introduction and the organizational environment, you have seen many changes and improvements, we hope that these changes and improvements to better meet the needs of your career. Because we are successful in the past on the basis of a new team, this time we are sure of the future vision of the enterprise and to redefine business particularly appropriate. Based on this purpose, we also produced many new ideas.

Our talent concept is: to inspire people, platform achievement, cultural cohesion, innovation, inspire and efficient to drive. We think that to develop and pursue outstanding achievements and contributions of our people are our wealth; We are committed to and employee grow together, hope the employee in the path of growth to keep vitality, health, advocating simple, harmonious interpersonal relationship between team; Professional dedication and team spirit is the premise and guarantee for our goal.

Hr mission

Hr mission

Constantly improve and create the excellent platform for the human resource development, training and explore

Various talents for the enterprise development, promote and promote the enterprise strategy implementation, realizes the enterprise and staff with development and common prosperity.

Human resources goals

West Wright staff professional quality, first-class service; Rapid action, the unity cooperation; Consciously, achievement of self.

The human resources strategy

Perfect salary welfare system, perfect performance management system, perfecting the system of selecting talents, perfect personnel training system, perfecting the system of organization innovation.

Talent selection criteria

(1) having both ability and political integrity, character first, meritocracy;

(2) atmosphere, magnanimous, generous, realize, trend, and wisdom.

We are committed to the employee's personal development

Health & Safety

Company operation and management system, according to the system requirements for specialized and routine management. We have set up a management system to fully protect the environment, workplace health and safety, continuous improvement to improve working conditions, safeguard the legitimate interests of the employees.

Training development

Our professional development system based on the company’s high-speed development of human resources demand, combined with employee career development interests and their own conditions, provides employees with dual channel: “H” type of career development staff can be integrated balance ability and interest in itself, can choose to become managers, can also choose to involve professional technology domain, development become experts in the field of technical experts or professional.

Salary and welfare