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Personalized case, targeted to solve

West Wright elevator according to the investigation results, the optimization of the overall solution for the customer, functional, construction installation and quality to meet customer requirements. 


Professional customer team, quality service 24 hours a day

West Wright elevator with professional customer service staff and maintenance team, sincerely at your service 24 hours a day. 


Round-the-clock monitoring, and ingenious

West Wright using remote monitoring system, realize the real-time monitoring of the building elevator, nip in the bud. West the Wright state display the elevator using special software, the customer can be carried on the computer network control, implementation procedures, intelligent management of elevator running status.


Elevator and escalator, like any machine, will eventually be reached the end of its life cycle. Even with the regular maintenance and repair, more than one hundred thousand times a year of operation, after decades, running thousands of kilometers, it may need to replace or retrofit thoroughly.
Update or change your elevator and escalator is a return on investment, it can reduce the maintenance and energy costs, and improve the reliability, security and aesthetics.

  1. Upgrading allows you to the elevator and escalator smooth operation and prolong service life.
  2.  Can help you decide when and how to upgrade.
  3. From start to finish, from planning to install, we make sure everything is upgrading process can proceed smoothly.

The equipment maintenance of the building life cycle

Maintenance plan

We offer a variety of modes of maintenance service plan, you can select the most appropriate according to your demand

Service delivery

We will choose the appropriate time for maintenance, and according to the specific equipment maintenance plan for modular maintenance.

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