German quality, make the clouds (escalator)

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    Beauty, rising


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    Fine, unique


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    Comfortable, comfortable and cozy


Perfect technology, art avenue (automatic sidewalk)

CENet for a better service to the airport, shopping center, transportation hub and other places, accurate analysis of urban traffic flow, construction layout and passenger load demand, independent research and development production of the modelling beautiful, elegant atmosphere, superior performance of the pavement series products, the technology and art perfect fusion, become a road corridor “fashion art” all over the city.

Efficient handrail driving helical gear drive and parallel type, reduce the friction loss, reduce power consumption; Infrared sensor automatically detects the pavement no-load running, turn into energy saving mode, reduce the energy consumption of 10 ~ 40%;

Grid runtime energy down all feedback to achieve the maximum energy saving.

Adopts modular design method, create graceful lines;

With smooth tactility and exquisite craft, with the surrounding environment, one integrated mass, smooth and elegant breath, deliver high quality life.


Hiking, success (bus type escalators and moving sidewalks)

CENet for building the convenient public transportation system, conform to the city with the practical design, clever fusion of outdoor indoor public buildings style already, and enhance its durable performance, improve performance, can fully meet the subway, Bridges, stations, airports and other public places of traffic demand.


Reliable safety performance

To build harmonious public transport environment

Strong load capacity

The flexibility to adapt to the outdoor public traffic, perfect service on public transport