Environmental solutions

    To save energy, reduce the cost
Gearless traction machine is the biggest advantage of no transmission structure, no mechanical power loss, save the energy cost and run expenses.
     Smooth operation, no noise pollutionl
Ungeared noise and vibration, to ensure that the elevator smooth operation, low noise, the outstanding characteristic of the green revolution is the elevator.
     Low wear, long lifel
Gearless traction machine without mechanical wear, long service life, improve the efficiency of resource use.

  • Cancel the room, will the original engine room control cabinet, traction machine, speed limiter to a shaft, such as compact structure, the layout is more reasonable.
  • Do not take up space outside the shaft, and save the use of space for the building, to leave more room to play for designers, and reduce the cost of construction。
  • From “have” to “nothing” innovative design, improve the property appreciation potential, to meet the requirements of the builders to invest in efficiency and security.
  • Flexible shaft arrangement, easy to install and maintenance.

No two copper loss, and effective use of the magnetic resistance torque, the wastage of the permanent magnet synchronous motor only has nearly half of the loss of the asynchronous motor;
B, permanent magnet synchronous motor efficiency is 5% more than the general asynchronous motor;
C, without excitation current, can be in wide load range, high efficiency and high power factor to achieve higher comprehensive energy saving effect.

Bearing experience

Optimal, main control system

Double microcomputer control system: double intelligent computing, the elevator operates more efficiently, a more reliable;
Vector frequency conversion technology, precise control of elevator speed and output torque, to ensure smooth and comfort;
The German original installation import core components: high quality, high performance, ensure perfect experience.

Fine, door machine technology

A direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous machine: to ensure the smooth running of the crane, the high precision open action;
Control and drag: frequency converter directly from the screen to collect signals, crane fast response;
Zero flat layer accurate: advanced sensors for real-time signal feedback, motor rotor motion state achieve achieve millimeter level accuracy capsules;
Door machine self-checking system: automatic detection of open and close doors, pause, the abnormal conditions such as slow speed, automatic optimization operation curve and increase comfort.

Security system

Community monitoring

Are connected to the PC through the bus, the use of monitoring software, timely grasp the information of elevator running and fault conditions, perfect service and care to detail.

Remote monitoring

The elevator through wired or wireless communication module, remote monitoring, make breakdown before happening, to ensure passenger safety.

he infrared light curtain

Form a series of dense at the gate of the elevator light curtain protection network, to any person or object into its detection flat make sensitive response rapidly, make passengers in and out freely.

Emergency rescue

When the elevator stops midway suddenly, emergency rescue equipment timely control of the elevator control will capsules to nearby flat layer position, open the car door and office door, avoiding the phenomenon of passengers stranded.

ID/IC card identification

Equipped with ID/IC card, access control for elevator use, improve the safety of buildings, let users more at ease.

Voice stops

In the process of elevator flat layer, the stops device automatically broadcast will reach the floor; In front of the elevator is closed, the direction of the broadcast will run, warm prompt passengers in and out.